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Bakuretsu Hunter!!!

Welcome to Carrot's Homepage... Carrot is an anime character from the cool and suave anime series titled "Bakuretsu Hunter". The series is about a bunch of awesome looking sorcerers who hunt other sorcerers who abuse their powers and hurt the citizens of Spooner Continent. I am the leader of the group and we are better known as Sorcerer Hunters. Big Mama gives us the sorcerer to hunt and we seek and destroy, except for some cases when it turns out to be a "Babe". Big Mama is the most powerful of all sorcerers and she was the one who raised us. The members of my group include Marron Glaces, my dear, yet extrememly shy brother; Tira Misu, the four-eyed S&M chick I grew up with who really knows how to use a whip; Chocolate Misu, Tira's older sister who has a deep crush on me and always call me "Darling!"; Gato, a childhood friend who is extremely strong and well-built (I think he takes steroids); and me Carrot Glaces, swordsman debonair. Enough babble about us...This page is dedicated to my series "Bakuretsu Hunters" and to all those wonderful voluptuous ladies (ahem...Babes) out there!!!

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